Jef Holm's romance with Emily Maynard might be over, but his bromance with Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is still going strong. These two fabulous fashionistaers met on the set of ABC's The Bachelorette, and despite the fact that they were competing for Em's heart, they formed a close bond. A bond that only people with coifs and six-packs can understand.

All we know is that Jef needs a beefy bro shoulder to cry on, and Arie's body is ready. "Hanging with @jefholm while he's is Arizona I can tell you that he is still the coolest guy I know!" Arie posted on Sulia. "Trying to take his mind off things and lay low. #teamJef." Jef followed up with his own sweet tweet: "Just what I needed. Chill golf night in AZ with @ariejr & @trgourley."

Hubba-hubba, these two! It's so sweet that Arie has Jef's back despite their competitive history — let's just hope Emily has someone equally supportive to turn to in her time of need.

Source: Sulia, @JefHolm