Credit: Instagram

We spend a lot of time talking about (and dreaming about) Jef Holm's hair coif, and for good reason. Not only are we convinced that a bunch of adorable forest animals live in there Cinderella-style, it's a well-established fact that Jef's coif defies gravity. Someone probably should write a thesis about it, oh wait we already did.

Jef's hair has been various shapes and sizes throughout the past year, but nowadays it's bigger than ever. The secret? "Keep it high and tight," words of coify wisdom brought to you by Jef himself.

Now before you check out this picture of Jef and his coif, make sure to put on some sunglasses (preferably Ray-Bans), because there's a serious possibility that you might either get hypnotized or go blind. Or your eyes could just explode with pure joy. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Source: Instagram