Credit: @JefHolm

Have you ever noticed that Jef Holm's coif always looks more magnificent when it's next to a baby? And have you ever noticed that babies look way cuter when they're next to Jef's coif? It's a match made in studly heaven.

Jef recently returned to Utah after a whirlwind trip to New Orleans, Dallas, and Phoenix, and his first order of business? Chilling with his extended family of brothers, sisters and their misters. Oh, and some adorable chubby baby named Drake, who we can only assume is a) Jef's nephew, and b) named after the OG Drake.

Jef posted a picture from Drake's birthday party with the caption "Birthday cake wasted! Happy Birthday little Drake!" but it's like, move over small child. Jef Holm just stole your birthday spotlight.

Source: Instagram