Credit: Instagram

Shockingly, Bachelorette Season 8 winner Jef Holm didn't emerge from the womb as a twenty-something be-coiffed man beauty wearing knee socks. Turns out, he used to be a baby (we know, weird), but fear not — this ladies man always had impeccable style.

Credit: Twitter

Please put on some protective stud lenses and feast your eyes on this photo of Jef as a wee young lad frolicking around the hills of Sweden while wearing clogs and carrying around a bucket full of fresh goat's milk. Oh wait, sorry — we were thrown off by Jef's hilarious old-timey overalls. Turns out this is just a picture of him chilling out in Utah while wearing a bow-tie, as ya do.

"I started at an early age..." Jef posted on Sulia. "Rocking a baby blue bow tie. Special thanks to my mom & dad for putting me in this incredibly stylish outfit. #tbt."

Whatever, Jef totally looks like one of the Von Trapp children, and we expect him to break into "The Hills Are Alliivveeeeee" at any moment now. Also spoiler alert: all Jef's clothes are made from curtains that he stole from Emily Maynard's house.

Source: Sulia