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Oh, Jef Holm. Just when we think you couldn’t make us shake our fists in fury and confusion any more (we’re like thisclose to getting carpal tunnel)... you surprise us again.

Credit: Instagram

When we last saw our young prince, he was trying to rekindle things with Emily Maynard... and then pissing her off by texting other girls. But before he stripped our rose of all its petals with this sad development, he was hooking up with 23-year-old Katianna Bear... right after hooking up with Emily. And to make matters even worse, Emily only found out about the flirtation when she read a story Wetpaint Entertainment broke about Jef hooking up with the blonde student...

So, to get the score straight: Jef and Emily broke up back in the day because of a cheating scandal, then they hooked up before Ashley and J.P.’s wedding, and then he hooked up with Katianna the next day, and then he flew out to Charlotte a few days later. Well, add this to the timeline: Jef is now hooking up with 21-year-old model Jessica Brittain, according to the newest issue of Us Weekly

An insider tells the magazine that Jess and Jef (aww, they sorta sound cute together) were spotted at the People Water End of the World Concert at Urban Lounge on December 20 in Salt Lake City. “He escorted her around with a hand on her back,” the insider tells Us. “They sat close, whispering into each other’s ears. It was definitely a date.”

Well, that’s that...

Source: Us Weekly