Credit: @JefHolm

Much like a be-coiffed polar bear, Jef Holm is hibernating for the winter. We don't know where he's going, what he's doing, or how he's doing it, but boyfriend is cold. And he's protecting the majestic swirl of hair atop his head in the only way he knows how. By donning an arctic hoodie.

Jef took it to Sulia to announce that he's "heading somewhere chilly," so we can only assume that he's officially peaced out of Emily Maynard's love shack in Charlotte (where the temperatures are still balmy).

Who knows if this Bachelorette couple's separation is permanent, but Jef is clearly getting as far away from sunny North Carolina as he can. Hands up if you think he's going to join a tribe of wandering hipster minstrels in Alaska?

Source: Sulia