Jef Holm is hot off the heels of a public breakup with Bachelorette Emily Maynard, and the time has come for him to pack up his swag in North Carolina and go back from whence he came (the rolling hills and valleys of Utah).

Despite the fact that the townsfolk of Charlotte only got to know him for a few weeks, Jef's coif made a huge impression, and he'll be sorely missed. Especially by Ricki's soccer team, the Greenbeans, who Jef briefly coached.

"@jefholm will miss you as 1 of our coaches," Anitha Leonard (a Greenbeans mom, presumably) tweeted Jef. "Please send good/positive vibes for the girls who, despite the tears, play hard #GoGreenbeans."

That's right, guys. The Greenbeans are crying. Thank god for Jef's good vibrations. "sending good vibes to the Greenbeans," he tweeted. "Girls were a such a blast to be around. Thanks for making my time in Charlotte great!"

Annnnd, this is the sound of us sobbing.

Source: Twitter