Credit: Instagram

Remember when Jef Holm went on the rebound with 23-year-old blonde bombshell, Katianna Bear? These two were hotter than hot, and spent most of their relationship staring at animals in the San Diego Zoo (because nothing says romance like feeding a lonely giraffe, right guys?! RIGHT?!)

Credit: Instagram

Sadly, Jef and his main squeeze broke up in late January, and he told Wetpaint Entertainment that the relationship had simply run its course. But guys? It looks like these two are back on track and happier than ever! By which we mean they were spotted doing yoga on a rock at Jef's childhood homestead, Holmstead Ranch. In fact, Jef tweeted that this past weekend was the first time he'd been back there since The Bachelorette Season 8 hometown dates!

Check out this picture of Jef, Katianna and Jef's sister, Julie, saluting the sun! That's right, Katianna is hanging out with Jef's family, ergo — things might be getting serious! Well, either that or these two had the most amicable break up ever, and now they're simply friends who do it doggie style. 

By which we mean they do the downward dog together, obviously. 

Source: Instagram