Who knew that Jef Holm, who first came into our spotlight when he won Emily Maynard’s heart on The Bachelorette Season 8, would only get bigger with every breakup? Seriously, dude, the last time we broke up with someone, all we got were their old record player and a key we never told them we still have for “emergencies.”

Well, good on ya, Jef. What you lack in “f”s, you make up for in ladies waiting to get on your arm. Since the Utah-based People Water feller broke up with his lady-after-and-during-Emily-but-only-the-second-time Katianna Bear, he has been spotted out at Sundance and in Miami, getting his heart repaired at record speed.

So, we were delighted to see that Jef took a lady deserving of his attention to the Blue Jean Ball in Augusta, Georgia this weekend — his mom! He tweeted the above picture of himself and his mama with the caption “This guy loves his mom. #bluejeanball #augusta.”

Cute, Jef. Looks like on-trend hair runs in the family!

Source: Jef’s Instagram