The time has come to whip out our stud goggles and write a miniature thesis on Jef Holm's fashion and body language in the above photo.

In the wake of his most recent sex scandal (we know, tears), Jef has fled to the temperate beaches of San Diego with his fleet of People Water man-friends, where he's taken to Instagramming photos of his bonding session like there's no tomorrow.

Exhibit A: Jef's Outfit
Notice that Jef's flannel is draped casually, and not buttoned. Just pointing it out. He also seems to be sporting a deep V tank top and man-necklace, a combination that screams "studly father-figure" and "double-damaged wayfarer."

Exhibit B: Jef's Body Language
Jef is open to having his photo taken, which means he has nothing to hide. In fact, he seems happy, and even has a hint of a smile playing at his lips. Consensus? Haters gonna hate.

Exhibit C: Jef's Hair
Status? Coiffed.

Source: Instagram

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