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Please put on some Ray Bans, whip your coif back and forth, and prepare to enter the wonderful sepia-toned world of Jef Holm.

This God Amongst Men graced us mere mortals with his presence during a new video titled "Make It Yours" by Zaag, in which he chats about post-Bachelorette celebrity, stares longingly into the camera (read: our eyes), skateboards, and zooms around in a go-cart. As usual, all of Jef's musings are amazing, and we've rounded up the highlights.

File these bad boys under "That Time Jef Made My Heart Melt."

1. "A big motivator to me is just helping people, and being nice and cool to everybody that I meet."
Mission accomplished.

2. "People used to always be like, 'what's up, Jef?' because I was just Jef to them. Now it's like, Jef from The Bachelorette, or Jef Holm from the show or whatever, Jef With One F. It's like. All these things."
All these things, guys. ALL THESE THINGS.

3. "My main goal in life is to make everyone feel special."
We can't. Just. We can't.

4. "This is my third iPhone. I keep dropping them."
His hands are so delicate.

5. "There are so many things that are different... Like yesterday I got tint on my car."

Source: YouTube

Credit: YouTube Photo: Jef Holm on Life Post-Bachelorette: "My Whole Life Is Different"