Scandalous! Season 5 Bachelorette Jillian Harris seemed to enjoy an exceptionally carefree May 5, judging from her Instagram feed. The Canadian star spent the weekend on Okanagan Lake in her hometown of Kelowna, BC. And she must have forgotten to pack a swimsuit — but don’t think that stopped her from enjoying a dip in the lake!

Credit: Instgram

“This is how good my weekend was,” Jilly said in the photo caption. Though a strategically placed heart kept the pic PG, you can tell our favorite Canuck’s dip in the lake was definitely of the skinny variety. It looks like she was also enjoying a brewski or two, but hey — who wasn’t? It was Cinco de Mayo, after all!

Summer is upon us, but while the Pacific Northwest saw some unseasonably warm weather this weekend, something tells us that water was not exactly inviting, especially without even an itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny bikini for protection. Jillian not only hashtagged her photo “#skinnydip” but also “#chillydip.” 

While we’d bet all of Chris Harrison’s rose bushes that Jilly got quite a shock of cold when she hit the water, it was certainly not the chilliest of dips in Bachelor Nation history. That distinction will probably always belong to Sean Lowe’s polar bear plunge at Lake Louise — isn’t that right, Tierra?

Source: Jillian Harris on Instagram