Credit: ABC via WENN

Design star Jillian Harris is never short of fun projects — including her new gig as the host of Love It or List It in Vancouver. But her TV career started with The Bachelor Season 13 and Bachelorette Season 5, so she’s still keeping up with Bachelor Nation and blogging about Emily Maynard’s Bachelorette Season 8.

In her Ladies’ Home Journal blog on Episode 5, Jilly writes about a few guys who are standing out, in a good way.

"I really loved Doug [Clerget] tonight,” Jillian says of the single dad. “I have noticed him a few times this season but tonight he showed a really sexy and sensitive side, which is a rare combination. I’m excited to see how his relationship with Emily evolves as the season progresses.”

Doug is slipping in some viewers’ eyes, thanks to his “Hulk” side, but Jillian likes him — and it sounds like she isn’t that into some other fan favorites.

Credit: ABC via WENN

“There are a few other front-runners that stick out to me. I thought Sean [Lowe]’s date was cute, but I’m still not totally sold. I still really heart Arie [Luyendyk, Jr.]. I’m not sure if he’s ready for the whole package, but I sense a truly genuine connection between the two of them and they’re really adorable together. His salt and pepper hair doesn’t hurt either! And then there’s Jef [Holm]. I really hate to say this but I think Jef is one of those ‘nice guys finish last’ guys. If we were smart — and I’m sure most of you ladies are — we’d all fall for a Jef. I’d bet serious dough that he would make the best dad, husband and friend. But sadly, I’m not sure if he’ll make the cut with Emily. We’ll just have to wait and see!"

If you look at it on the bright side — it’s a good thing for a “nice guy” to finish last on The Bachelorette because that means he’s the one Emily will fall in love with and have propose to her. Right?

On a completely different Jilly note, what is it with her Bachelorette exes and Bachelor Pad? Dave Good won BP1, Jillian’s runner-up Kiptyn Locke was also the BP1 runner-up, Michael Stagliano won BP2 and is back for BP3, and Jillian’s ex-fiance Ed Swiderski and her third favorite boyfriend, Reid Rosenthal, have also signed up for the third season. If nice guys do finish last, then the boys of Bachelorette 5 must’ve been very, very bad.