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Yeah, it kind of surprises us, too! Kalon McMahon famously called Emily Maynard’s daughter “baggage,” but it turns out he may be have a gift for child care. At least, according to Dr. Phil.

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Kalon competed against Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger and Flipping Out’s Jeff Lewis for the title of Best Celebrity Babysitter. We have to say, the competition Kalon was up against wasn’t exactly formidable. Jeff and Patti both tried to bribe their charges with money to get them to behave. In Patti and Jeff’s defense, they were pretty rambunctious charges.

Kalon entertained the kids with a giant trampoline in a foam-lined room, which we also think is kind of cheating. I mean, of course those kids thought he was the best babysitter!

We still think Kalon could use a little sensitivity training.  Adding to Kalon’s infamous “baggage comment,” we cite the following quotes from his adventures in babysitting:

“Oh my god, it smells like children.”
“You’re probably going to need braces."
“Now you know how I feel. You dig yourself a hole, and then you have to lie there...and babysit kids.”
“I can just leave him? Cool. I mean, his parents can make another one, right?”
“He must like you better than I do.”

Watch Kalon in action here and see what you think of his parenting skills!

Source: Reality TV Magazine

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