We know he takes a good mug shot, but we never expected him to follow up with a bare booty shot. (Watch your back, Ben Flajnik — literally!)

Credit: STARPICZ/Splash News Photo: Kasey Kahl at Michelle Money's Birthday Celebration in Las Vegas on October 8, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2's Kasey Kahl seems to have a sense of humor about his recent mishaps, including this ripped jeans shot he shared of himself on Facebook.

RumorFix posted the pic and included Kasey's own caption, "Ghetto Booty = yes girls, it even happens to us men. Lol omg.”

But most girls have the sense not to share photos of themselves like this. How did he even get the jeans to rip that much? Actually, never mind. This is already TMI...

Source: RumorFix

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