Credit: AdMedia/ Photo: Vienna Girardi Kisses Kasey Kahl at the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Video Game Launch Party on August 23, 2011

Kasey Kahl knows a thing or two about dating the “villainess;” his main squeeze Vienna Girardi got a lot of flack for her messy breakup with ex Jake Pavelka after winning his heart on Bachelor Season 14. Kasey exclusively tells Wetpaint Entertainment that he thinks there’s more to the story than “Good” vs. Courtney, as the ABC promos are declaring.

Kasey’s sympathies lie mainly with Ben, who is getting some major backlash for favoring Courtney. “As much as people love to hate Courtney, I mean I feel for her. And actually I really feel for Ben. I don’t know where their relationship stands as of now, but being blasted for your girl’s actions, and the way she "appears" is no fun. I know the feeling.”

All’s not fair in love and television, Kasey explains: “When on TV, sometimes your sense of humor can be taken wrong and perhaps that was the case. In all honesty, the only person who knows Courtney the best is Ben. Trust me, when together long enough, someone’s true colors always come out. It's how you choose to deal with it.”

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Credit: Photo: Watch Tonight's Bachelor Season 16 Finale Promo: ''Good vs Courtney'' (VIDEO)