The time has come to check in on falsely accused paint huffer, Kasey Kahl. The Bachelorette's most notorious hottie is making a fresh start in 2013, and bonus he has a new gal on his arm!

You might remember that Kasey and his Bachelor Pad 2 co-star Vienna Girardi broke up back in 2011, but he's moved onto a mysterious blonde bombshell whose name appears to be Kare Bear.

Kasey planted a kiss on his lady love's lips on New Year's Eve, and posted a picture online with the caption "When you're in love, you just see it everywhere. #truehappiness #truelove #happynewyears." Auuuugh, our tear ducts can't handle all this happy-crying! And it gets even better now Kasey and his gal are celebrating football season!

Check out this snapshot of Kasey and Kare Bear reppin' their 49ers swag. So cute! And we'll go ahead and ignore that she's flashing us the double finger....

Source: Instagram, Instagram