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Much like Romeo and Juliet, Adam and Eve, and Kanye and Kim, Kalon and Lindzi found love in a hopeless place. Or in this case, a hopeless place filled with fungal infections, tepid water, suicidal wine glasses, and disgruntled neighbors calling the police. Shockingly, Kalon and Lindzi were able to navigate these murky waters (no, literally murky) and come together as the cutest power couple on The Pad. The rest is history...which we've documented for you in great detail.

July 6th: Kalon and Lindzi Meet on the Set of Bachelor Pad

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Kalon didn't exactly have a great reputation going into the competition, so we were shocked that Lindzi fell so quickly –– and fall she did. As soon as these two partnered up, their love started blooming like a giant huffable rose, and before long they were making sweet love in strange corners of The Pad where cameras couldn't catch them in action.

A Few Weeks Later: Kalon and Lindzi Go On Their First Date

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We'll never forget the fated day that Kalon and Lindzi decked themselves out in Neil Lane diamonds and went on a prostitution-themed date around LA, wherein they had dinner on an abandoned bridge (we expected them to be murdered by a roving gang at any moment), and made out on the hood of a Bentley. It was on this fated day that Kalon dropped the L-word, causing Lindzi's self-tanner to melt into a puddle of happy goo! We promise that mental image is way more romantic than it sounds.

Even More Weeks Later: Kalon Ditches His Ride And Leaves With Lindzi

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Despite being the cutest couple in The Pad, Kalon and Lindzi were voted off –– causing mass protests in our minds. Usually, when a pair of contestants leave they are each put in their own limo and shipped back from whence they came, but not this time! Kalon caused us to breakdown into a fit of swoons when he stopped his limo and jumped into Lindzi's car for a makeout session. Cue them riding off into the sunset while "Free Bird" plays in the background.

August 20th: Kalon Is Spotted With Lindzi In Her Hometown

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After Bachelor Pad wrapped up filming (nooo, come back to us!), Kalon visited Lindzi in Bellevue, Washington — where she lives — igniting rumors that their eternal love flame was still burning. A Wetpaint Entertainment insider reports that the happy couple were hanging at the Blue Martini Lounge, and they were more than a little lovey-dovey!

August 27th: Kalon And Lindzi Meet Up At A Beach Resort

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Kalon and Lindzi hunkered down for a romantic weekend in LA while filming The Bachelor Pad's finale, and couldn't stop tweeting adorable photos of themselves on random beaches at Bacara Resort & Spa. Tanning + Kindzi = The Only Math We Understand.

August 29th: Our Exclusive Sources Say Kalon Is Having Doubts

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After spoiler guru Reality Steve ruined our lives with the news that Kalon and Lindzi were close to Splittsville, we contacted our Bachelor Pad insiders for the real scoop. “Kalon’s been telling people that while he had a good time with Lindzi on the show, he’s not ready for a long distance girlfriend,” a source close to Kalon told Wetpaint Entertainment. “She lives in Seattle and he’s in Houston and he says he doesn’t see how it would work.” The source added that Kalon had "been out with several women since the show wrapped." So, what did Kalzone have to say for himself? Read on, Bachelor Nation.

August 30th: Kalon Confirms That He And Lindzi Are Still Dating –– Phew!

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After reports that Kalon and Lindzi were dunzo, Kalon reached out to the media to reassure Kindzi fans the world over. "I know how hard a long-distance relationship is, because I'm doing that with Lindzi right now," Kalon explained. "Being with Lindzi was literally just effortless. We kind of started hanging out and talking, and before we knew it, we looked around and realized, ‘Wow, we're kind of a couple. This is awesome,’ and I wouldn't change it for anything.”

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