La la la. If we were Bachelor Pad 3 alumna Lindzi Cox, we imagine we would probably skip around Seattle in a dream state, reflecting on our hotness while getting increasingly tan despite cloudy skies. And trust, we would also go on a bazillion dates with guys who have private jets (which are way better than rented helicopters, FYI). But what is Lindzi doing outside of the dark caverns of our minds, you ask?

Going on hot dates, that’s what. On March 7, Lindz tweeted about her exciting afternoon activities, saying “I'm weirdly giddy about my hot date,” Lindz writes. With whom? Well, not with Kalon McMahon, that’s for sure. It was actually with her colorist. “Here comes changes!!” the big-grinnin’ girl hints.

While we’ve “known” her, she’s had brown hair, blonde streaks, chunky color, highlights... what’s next? We’re hoping for something ridiculous. Like “Suck it Kalon” shaved on one side of her head, and rose-red streaks on the other. You know, something subtle.