Credit: Twitter

Getting over Jef Holm is no walk in the park, and it hasn't been easy for our girl Emily Maynard. This Bachelorette beauty has been forced to deal with her broken engagement in the public eye, and at this point she can't even drown her sorrows in a Sushi Burger without people being all "OMG, what kind of heavenly monstrosity is a Sushi Burger?"

Yep, Emily was spotted dining all on her lonesome at The Cowfish, Charlotte's very own Sushi Burger Bar. In fact, an eager fan even snapped a shot of her — which aptly features a giant wine glass in the forefront of the picture.

Emily is known for her sweet and generous nature, so she was more than happy to pose for a pic — but does she look slightly sad? After all, the same day that Em hit up Cowfish to binge-eat Sushi Burgers, Jef took it to twitter and announced that he was ready to find love. Ouch.

Poor Em! Let's hope this gal finds her prince charming sometime soon.

Source: Twitter