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Now that it’s pretty much set in mulch that Desiree Hartsock is the designated rose-doler for The Bachelorette Season 9, we’re taking every comment Bachelor Nation says about her to heart. In his Bachelor blog, creative grammarist Michael Stagliano basically lays it on the table when it comes to Sean’s ex, saying that if Des becomes the next Bachelorette, it’s gonna be a snooze fest.

“I think before the WTA she was my front-runner for Bachelorette…after watching it… I just don’t think it will be an entertaining season if she was the lead lady,” Stags lays out. Wow, them’s fightin words. Guess he won’t be pulling a Kacie B on her season (you know, if he wasn’t already engaged).

Credit: ABC via WENN

But that’s not all the Bachelor Pad 3 alum had to say about the wedding stylist, “Not to mention her brother would be THE WORST person to have a conversation with at the end of the season. HOW THE HELL WOULD THAT GO DOWN? That is a GIANT red flag in my book. And I don’t think Sean was completely truthful in saying that is why Des went home. If I was in his shoes that would have GREATLY effected my decision to keep Des around. HOW could you ignore that?” We’re not sure what you mean, Michael. Nate was clearly the reason Des was chosen...

While we agree with nearly everything Michael says — or sings, beautifully, whilst breakdancing — we happen to think Desiree will be an amazeballs Bachelorette. But Staggy makes another point that we found odd about her interaction with ex Sean Lowe on the “Women Tell All” special. “She also seemed oddly agreeable with the things Sean said about why they broke up. Did you catch that?” Yeah, El Stagarino, almost as if she wanted America to know that Sean is sooo last year, and the future is so bright, she’ll have her brother punch everyone out who doesn’t love her back.

Source: Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor blog