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Michael Stagliano got some major bitch slaps for leading Rachel Truehart on during Bachelor Pad, and he's here to defend his honor. And give a heartfelt apology while he's at it! "I am sorry," Michael writes on his Bachelor Blog. "I said this repeatedly on camera though it didn't air. I feel terrible about what happened with Rachel."

Despite feeling guilty, Michael wants fans to keep in mind that he and Rachel only "dated" for a little over a week, so her strong feelings seemed to come out of nowhere. "I swear on my life I did NOT know she was falling in love," The Stag says. "Watching it back I could see her saying it in interviews but those words were never said to me. HOWEVER I am equally as 'guilty' of not sharing how I felt."

Credit: ABC via WENN

Don't expect Michael and Rachel to reconcile anytime soon, because The Stag has a new doe (a deer, a female deer)! That's right, Michael is in a long distance relationship with a woman from Chicago who he's been dating for two and a half months — and they're "very much in love!" 

"We are both being very practical about taking the next steps towards relocating, and marriage and all that good stuff... though that is certainly my intention," Michael says. "She is without question the most beautiful, attractive woman (inside and out) that I have ever met. My family LOVES her, I LOVE her family..."

And we love you, The Stag! For more of Michael's musings about Bachelor Pad's epic finale, check out his blog on Parade.

Source: Parade