Credit: @MichaelStag

Much like his Bambi forefathers, The Stag is currently frolicking around the USofA while wearing a beanie, thick-frame glasses, and a six-pack. He's prancing, he's galloping, he's hunter-gathering — basically he's at one with bachelor nature. Oh, and also he's on tour.

Last time we checked on Michael, he had fallen in love with a doe (a deer, a female deer) from The Windy City, and they were even talking marriage. You see, The Stag is a family man through and through — just check out the adorable picture he posted with his sister, Jenna Newman nee Stagliano!

Could these two be any cuter or more fashion forward? Nautical stripes will never die! Much like Michael's goatee, unfortunately.

Source: Instagram

Credit: YouTube Photo: Michael Stagliano Sings About Heartbreak in "Stay Strong" (VIDEO)