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As The Bachelor franchise’s trashy little stepcousin, Bachelor Pad has its own fantasy suite — perfect for anyone whose fantasy is a quickie in a room with cameras everywhere and a dozen friends getting drunk just outside the door. Ah, Bachelor Pad. How we miss you.

Michael Stagliano won BP2 with Holly Durst and he talked to Naughty But Nice With Rob about the show’s special “sex room.”

“We had a room called a 'boom-boom room.' And now that we said it, you know what it means,” Michael said. "Yup. There was a giant box of condoms. I’m making it sound like it's the sex room, but I guess it is. But it’s not like 'hey, hang out in there and here is a box of condoms.'"

Who is responsible for making sure the box is always full — Chris Harrison? (He does seem to have time on his hands.)

Early on BP2 we saw Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl’s grainy footage in the boom-boom room, and later they argued over Kasey wanting to go back for more while Vienna — gasp! — didn’t want to make whoopee on camera.

Michael didn’t seem to get any sexy time in the boom-boom room this season but he — like everyone on the show — was “severely tested” for sexually transmitted diseases. "Yes, they literally make us pee in a cup and a blood test, too. They don't want you to have an STD and be on TV. I can't believe I just said that sentence. That's great. I am glad that everyone knows that I am clean and that I have no STDs."

He has the boom-boom seal of approval. That is good to know!

Source: Huffington Post

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