If you thought Tenley and Michelle didn't get along before the conclusion of last night's Bachelor Pad, then imagine how they'd treat each other now.

The ousted Michelle is blaming Tenley for her early exit! Wiping away tears, she said, "I don't deserve to be treated this way at all. It's upsetting because Tenley started a rumor that I did something with Craig and that made me very upset. I feel that because of that rumor, it ruined my chances [on the show]." Well, that and locking Tenley in a bathroom. That probably didn't help either.

For her part, Tenley is happy Michelle got sent packing. " "I am still shaken, but I feel relieved now that Michelle is gone," she said, probably immediately before bursting into tears again. She's a cryer, that one.

The lesson for Michelle to take away from The Bachelor Pad: Don't hook up with Craig M.!

Source: Us