Credit: YouTube

Michelle Money always looks so incredibly put together. Actually, we’d hate her for it if she wasn’t so freakin’ sweet. Thankfully, she is constantly sharing her tips on her web series, The Money Look, and it turns out some of her styling tricks are actually as effortless as she makes them seem.

In this latest installment, Michelle shows how you can perfect a messy bun that looks carefully disheveled. It’s controlled chaos, which makes it the sort of style you can get away with wearing to a dinner with friends, the office, or just the gym. And it takes almost no time whatsoever!

According to Michelle,  if you ever run into her, this is the look she’ll be rocking nine times out of 10. It’s so cute and easy, we can see why!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Get the Money Look: Michelle Money’s Messy Bun “Hair-To” (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube


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