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We’ve followed Natalie Getz’s Bachelorette blog all season long, and couldn’t wait to see her reaction to the finale. Turns out she was truly disappointed that Arie Luyendyk, Jr. didn’t win Emily Maynard’s heart and wasn’t afraid to say so!

I have a lot of respect for Emily for doing this and not dragging it out with Arie, however, a part of me disagrees.  It’s not like she was always more about Jef than she was Arie.  She had different feelings for both of them.  She was actually more about Arie than Jef for a long time.  She already took Arie this far and introduced him to her family, so she may as well went on a final date with him and introduced him to Ricki.  Emily may have seen something more to him while he interacted with her daughter.

As much as we love Jemily (and we do, a lot), we also can’t help but wonder what could have been between Emily and Arie. Natalie adds a good point about how the show’s attempts to spare Arie’s dignity ultimately fell short:

Credit: ABC via WENN

[I]f they were sparing his feelings, why on Earth did they let him make love potion all day anticipating Emily’s arrival?  The pain in his eyes had me in tears and I truly wanted it to be those two in the end.  I like Jef a lot, but I’m still team Arie!

While Natalie appreciated that Emily wasn’t playing games with either guy, she was decidedly unimpressed with the proposal’s modest Curacao sidewalk setting.

I thought it was great that Emily didn’t do any of the teasers to Jef, making him think she may not choose him.  Right away, she told him that Arie wasn’t there and that she was so in love with him.  These two are stinkin’ cute!  Jef then pours his heart out to Emily with awful scenery in the background.  Seriously what the hell was that all about?  Past contestants get mountains, glaciers, beaches, etc….and Emily got condo associations in her background?  Sweet.

Despite her displeasure with Arie’s heartbreak and the lackluster scenery, she does acknowledge that Jef Holm and Emily are undeniably adorable, saying “The ring is gorgeous, she is gorgeous, Jef is gorgeous, Ricki is gorgeous. They are like the perfect little family.”

On that, we couldn’t agree more!

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