Oh, Holly Durst. You do enjoy messing with us, don’t you?

On , the new Mrs. Blake Julian tweeted, "Blake and I have some news to announce! We are expanding our family...pic.twitter.com/4mY8OaJv"

But before you go tweeting your congrats or rushing to hit up the local Babys’R’Us, take a closer look at Holly’s post. The tweet links to a photo of a darling white puppy.

While this little fluff ball is super cute, it’s not exactly the sort of photo we were expecting to see. Holly and Blake aren’t expecting any babies quite yet.

However, if the Bachelor Pad 2 lovebirds — who tied the knot on June 2 at a country club in South Carolina —  do ever decide to have kids of their own, we’re sure they’ll make some gorgeous little babies. (And ones with great teeth, at that.)

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