Credit: Ashley Hebert on Twitter Photo: Ashley Hebert Rides the Train With Curlers in Her Hair in New York City on September 14, 2011

Fess up, now. Who stole Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert’s heart phone? Was it you, Bentley Williams? Or maybe William Holman wants to destroy any stray comedy roast evidence on there?

Ashley tweeted her frustrating news Wednesday afternoon.

@ashhebert: Got my phone stolen today in clinic. :( Very sad. So many great pics n memories. :((

So maybe we can narrow the field down to people involved in the dental industry. Blake Julian, that makes you Suspect #1.

Seriously, though, having your phone stolen is right up there with your car breaking down for Stuff That Can Destroy At Least A Week Of Your Life. And a Bachelor and Bachelorette veteran’s phone must have some really good stuff on there, especially since Ashley and JP Rosenbaum have been hitting the streets of New York big time after she moved there.

Give back the phone! Bachelor/ette honchos Mike Fleiss or Chris Harrison will surely pay a big reward for its safe return … right?  Right?