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UPDATE: Upon release from jail, Kasey denies every huffing paint, telling TMZ, "I've never even smoked marijuana." Kasey also denies the allegations that he hit a woman.
Remember when Demi Moore allegedly did whippets? Well, prepare to feel just as confused and traumatized, because our very own Bachelorette star, Kasey Kahl, has just been arrested for huffing paint thinner, according to TMZ. And yes — if he were in Harry Potter, he'd be House Hufflepuff. We're all thinking it.

You might remember Kasey as the sweetheart who briefly dated Vienna Girardi, so his behavior comes as quite a shock. Here's what went down:

On January 15, Kasey was charged with multiple felonies after attacking two people at a Club Habano's while drunk and high. Now (months later!), prosecutors have decided to charge him with 2 counts of felony assault, 1 count of battery with serious bodily injury, and 1 count of public intoxication.

Judges promptly issued a warrant for Kasey's arrest, and he was hauled to an Orange County jail this morning. According to the legal docs, Kasey had toluene in his system at the time of the attack, which is often in paint thinners. Sigh, Kasey. What happened to you, friend?

Let's join hands in a prayer circle for our fallen homie — if convicted, he faces up to eight years in the clink!

Source: TMZ

Credit: TMZ Photo: Kasey Kahl Leaving Jail: "I Never Huffed Paint!"