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Bachelorette Emily Maynard's daughter, Ricki Hendrick, is growing up so fast! Gone are the days when she'd stare forlornly at pigeons on the rolling hills of Croatia, and gone are the days when she'd cornrow her hair in bouts of self-reflection. Ricki's turned a new leaf, and the first big step? Losing her teeth!

Ricki lost one of her baby teeth just a few days ago, which means Emily the Tooth Fairy had to pay her a visit. Don't know about you guys, but back in our day, we were lucky if the Tooth Fairy gave us a packet of butterfly hair clips and an old mentos. Times have changed, and nowadays the Tooth Fairy is all about hand-written love letters and giant bottles of rainbow fairy dust that are secretly glitter.

Is it just us, or is Emily the best mom this side of the Appalachians?

Source: Instagram

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