Credit: Ryan Sutter's Twitter Photo: Ryan and Trista Sutter Get Cozy Back in the Day

Ryan Sutter appears to be feeling nostalgic this week — or maybe he was just cleaning out old photos. Either way, we give thanks to the original Bachelorette winner for sharing some sweet pics of himself with his lady love, Trista Sutter.

The couple met on the 2003 season of The Bachelorette and Ryan tweeted some pics from when it was just the two of them — sensitive, shaggy-haired Ryan and blonde beauty Trista — and then as they became the proud parents of Max and Blakesley.

Credit: Ryan Sutter's Twitter Photo: Ryan and Trista Sutter Do the Media Circuit Back in the Day

Neither Trista nor Ryan has changed too much, although Trista went through a phase where her hair was darker — and Ryan’s hair goes longer or shorter and sometimes he varies his manly scruff. Either way, they were gorgeous then and they’re gorgeous now.

Credit: Ryan Sutter's Twitter Photo: The Sutter Family's Holiday Photo

And it’s nice to see that, the day after Ryan tweeted these photos, he tweeted about having a great time with Trista at a Brad Paisley concert. The couple are friends with Brad — and Ryan actually surprised Trista by having the country star perform at their wedding. They had their first dance to “Something About Her,” a song which Ryan wrote. (That was the name of the poem he wrote for her, remember?)

Listen to the song here.

See? The romantic dates don’t always end after The Bachelor and Bachelorette!

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