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We would be the worst contestants on The Bachelor Season 17, mostly because Sean Lowe might have found it odd that we brought a wingman along on every date. Lucky for our vicarious dating needs, there’s Chris Harrison — the man who doesn’t just fold his hands thoughtfully like a champ, he also offers sage advice, such as “you have a tough decision to make,” and “it seems like you have a lot to think about.”

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But Chris isn’t just the host with the most — he’s also the world’s best-shirted wedding officiant, and we’re dying to know if he’ll marry Sean and Catherine Giudici when they tie the knot on TV this summer. Who could forget the heartwarming words he offered to capture Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s amazing journey. We would have been crying, had we not been waiting for him to voiceover the vows with something like “Coming up, Ashley and J.P. take their journey to its final stages — as husband and wife — and later, they do it in the cleanest fantasy suite we could find.”

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So, what’s the haps? Sean addressed the burning love question in a recent conference call with reporters, and it sounds like the well-coiffed ABC singleton may be out of a job. “I doubt Chris will be officiating only because, you know, my dad is an ordained minister, my grandfather is a minister, there is a lot of ministers in line that might supercede Chris Harrison,” Sean explains.

Well, that sucks for Chris — it would have been the perfect opportunity to show off his clothing line’s formal wear. But on the bright side, that means we’ll get to see more of Sean’s amazing, wonderful, perfect pops. Let’s hope he has a black tie-ready polo shirt for the occasion.

Source: ABC