Credit: ABC via WENN

Bachelor Pad is a beautiful place where deflowered peasants meander around in various states of drunkenness, pee in the pool (you know it happens), and try to outwit each other in dubious feats of strength. By which we mean they get wasted and sing painful renditions of "Sister Christian," ruining our eardrums while doing so.

Basically, it's the most glorious reality show on television and everyone should bow down. But now that Sean Lowe has introduced 26 new hotties into our lives, we're dying to know which lucky ladies will be plucked out by Chris Harrison and dropped into the tepid waters of BP4!

We have our eye on Amanda "50 Shades Of Crazy" Palenkas, but Bachelor Pad alum Natalie Getz has a few picks of her own. This gal would love nothing more than to see Daniella, Tierra, Robyn, Desiree and "Blonde Lesley" hit up the pad, and we're right there with her. Especially since Tierra and Robyn hate each other with the passion of a thousand abs.

Who do you want to see on Bachelor Pad 4? Hit the comments and weigh in!

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