Credit: ABC

We can't wait to meet Bachelorette frontrunner, Sean Lowe! This southern gent is poised to win Emily Maynard's heart with his country boy swag, and now Sean's sister, Shay, has the latest dish.

Turns out Shay and her hubby are the mischievous geniuses behind Sean's appearance on our favorite reality show, and she's spilling some major beans! "Last September, Andrew and I were sitting at home watching our favorite TV show...The Bachelor...when Andrew just decided to turn Sean's application in," Shay writes on her blog. "Why not?  He's cute, single, 28, and a fabulous guy...the perfect contestant. Little did we know the adventure we were sending him on."  

"After a couple of trips out to LA for auditions and such, Sean was picked to be one of the contestants," Shay continues. "We were even more excited when news spread that Emily Maynard would be the Bachelorette (Andrew and I loved her during Brad's season)."

Join the club, Shay. As far as we can tell, Emily and Sean are the cutest couple since JP and Ashley. Dreamy sigh!

Source: Simple Things