Right around the time Emily Maynard was announced as the Season 8 Bachelorette, Season 7’s Bentley Williams popped up on Twitter. Coincidence? We can’t help but wonder, considering how painfully clear Bentley made it that he wished Ashley Hebert were Em.

Credit: Bentley Williams' Twitter Photo: Bentley Williams and His Daughter Cozy on the Beach on February 8, 2012

In any case, Bentley’s tweets aren’t SUPER interesting. He’s mentioned that he does think Ash is a sweet girl (duh!) and jokes that he could never be the Bachelor (the Season would be 3 episodes long) — but what we really love are the tweets about his daughter Cozy.

On February 8, Bents tweeted “LA” along with this precious pic of the pair.

Aren’t they just too cute for words? Have your feelings about the infamous bad news bear softened at all? (Also: Is he trying to show Emily that he's a loving father to a daughter the same age as Ricki? And their girls could become best friends/sisters?)

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