Credit: ABC via WENN

If we've learned one thing from Emily Maynard's clip-in Cleopatra weave, it's that she's an aspiring princess. And also, our queen.

Credit: Instagram

Naturally, Emily decided to dress in her royal best for Halloween, and stepped out on the town with model/actress Ashley Speegle for some adult trick-or-treating. From what we can tell, Emily is a Disney Princess — possibly a hybrid between Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, with a splash of 18th century village bar wench thrown in for good measure. 

Yeah, Em's costume is slightly revealing for a night out on the town, but there's nothing wrong with sexing it up on All Hallows Eve. Our inner Salem Witch is so proud right now.

Do you love Emily's costume, or do you think she should have decked herself out as a giant, wilting rose? This things are important, so hit the comments!

Source: Instagram