Credit: Instagram

Oh, Sean Lowe. Why must you tease the single ladies of Bachelor Nation with your genetic gifts?

Shortly after Sean tweeted, "Anybody else feeling 'Come Over' by Kenny Chesney? That's baby makin' music," The Bachelorette Season 8 stud shared this photo of himself with his own "babies" (sort of) — his adorable niece and nephew.

"My Loves" he wrote with this shot, 
and the "loves" look ecstatic to be hanging out with their Uncle Seanie. 

It's worth clicking on the Instagram photo to read some of the comments, all from lovestruck ladies:

• "Plz be my boyfriend."

• "Obsessed. Nothing is cuter than a guy whose good with kids."

• "My gosh, you're perfect"

• "Awesome picture! The kids are so cute, and you are so handsome :)"

Do you think Emily Maynard feels the same way? Is she engaged to him now? Does she cut him loose? Is he tweeting all these teases, knowing full well they make the ladies swoon, to entice future dates — or is he hinting this is why she picks me?

Sources: @SeanLowe09, Instagram