Notice a trend? Chris Harrison definitely has a thing for picking Bachelorettes who look like a cross between Goldilocks and Rapunzel (with a splash of Christie Brinkley). Case in point? Emily Maynard and Ali Fedotowsky. Both these ladies are rocking fabulous locks of love, and the time has come for a hair-off. Or weave-off, as the case may be.

Emily wears her golden tresses in loose-yet-chic updos, and tends to prefer a more elegant look, whereas Ali's blonde hair is care-free, cascading, and usually tousled. You can see why this is the most epic hair-off ever — they're just so different! It all comes down to whether you prefer your blonde bombshells styled or wild.

Have at it, blondies. Who has the most fab hair — Emily Maynard or her Bachelorette predecessor, Ali Fedotowsky?

Weigh in, below!

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