Bachelor Bentley Williams left a lasting impression on everyone as the villain of Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette. It wasn’t just his lack of interest in Ashley and the way he led her on that made him the most talked-about guy of the season, but also his honesty about preferring another woman instead! Emily Maynard, we’re talking about you! Now that Emily has been confirmed as the next Bachelorette, we couldn’t wait to hear what Bachelor Nation had to say about the possible return of Bentley!

Fashionista Natalie Getz (Bachelor 13, Winner/Bachelor Pad) told us, “I think Bentley would be great on Bachelor Pad and Bachelorette. He obviously is really into Emily and would definitely be there for the right reasons. He has a daughter, so Emily's kid could have a playmate! He would do great on the Pad because girls would love him and he is obviously great at manipulating women's minds!”

Credit: Photo: Erica Rose on the Bachelor Pad Season 2 Reunion

Erica Rose (Bachelor 9, Bachelor Pad 2) and her gavel would also welcome Bentley back to the mansion; “I am so excited for the return of Bentley! In my opinion he was one of the sexiest Bachelorette contestants of all time.  He has shown an interest in Emily for a while and I think he deserves a chance at love and to redeem himself.  Also, I think he And Emily would be great together – they both have daughters, are close in age, and would be able to make the hottest babies together!”  They would definitely have attractive kids together!

 Jeff “The Mask” Medolla (Bachelorette 7) is actually still in touch with Bentley (they were on the same season) and thinks, “If they did have him on the new show briefly, their ratings would go through the roof... but it would be a major distraction for the actual show.”  True, but question is: is there any chance they would be compatible?

Credit: Kevin Foley/ABC, Frazer Harrison/ Getty Images, Kevin Foley/ABC Photo: Wes Hayden, Natalie Getz, and Jesse Kovacs

Jackie Gordon (Bachelor 15, Bachelor Pad 2) recognizes the attempt for ratings too; “I'm not surprised at all by it! The producers we know will pull out all the stops to keep this show entertaining, and to keep people taking. He made it known he loved her and he has a young son too – I'd be surprised if he didn't come back, for ratings sake!”

Bad boy Wes Haydens (Bachelorette 5, Bachelor Pad) has an... outspoken opinion. Says Wes; “I’m indifferent about the Bentley/Emily scene. Here is a self-proclaimed a**hol* and a woman who just had a step daddy for her daughter and now will run 30 more guys in and out of her life, great parenting! We all know Emily is doing the show for money, I’m sure she has no problem finding a man. She is addicted to the fame and I predict another failed attempt at marriage, sad but true.” Ouch!

Credit: Jesse Csincsak Photo: Jesse Csinscak Cradles His Newborn Baby Noah

So what if Emily does choose to date Bentley, then what? Jessie Sulidis (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) said, “I think that would just be embarrassing for Emily and if she chooses to give him a date I would lose respect for her and credibility! That guy’s a low-class player!”

Jesse Csincsak (Winner/Bachelorette 4) is right on the same page; “Emily deserves that guy! They can both get famous together. In my opinion, he at least says what's on his mind.  She hides her real feelings and plays the goodie-two-shoes roll, can't stand that!”

Elizabeth Kitt (Bachelor 14, Bachelor Pad) admits she didn’t watch that season and isn’t familiar with Bentley’s shenanigans, so let’s hear from someone impartial; “I think it's cool for people to get a second chance at love by going back on the show. Had I not found love with my current boyfriend, I would be hitting the producers up to let me have another shot at it! It's disappointing when you get on the show and realize it's someone you're not attracted to. […] So, good for Bentley! If he's allowed another shot at love, I hope he goes for it! Emily would be an incredible catch!”

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