Jaclyn Swartz has the fast mouth on Bachelor Pad Season 3 — and we mean that in a good way. Erica Rose should be nervous, because all her thunder’s being stolen by the sassy Ms. Swartz. Here are some of her best (read: bitchiest) quotes from the premiere:

Jaclyn: "I'm expecting $250,000 out of this whole thing — and to maybe lose friends."
Eh. Just buy them back.

Jaclyn: "Like, Blakeley waxes asses and I actually have a college education, so ... I'm clearly going further than her."
Just remember, the guy who spent the first night drunk and naked in the pool won his season.

Jaclyn [on Blakeley]: "She talks in baby voices, OK?"
Rachel Trueheart: "And how old is she?"
Jaclyn: "She's like 82!"
82? Great idea! Betty White, you ready for BP4?

Sarah Newlon [on the Super Fans]: "They're going to, like, smell Ed's, like, boxers."
Jaclyn: "Yeah, they're going to sniff our underwear."
Even fabric-eating zombies wouldn’t go near Ed’s alcohol-soaked boxers!