While Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum bask in newlywed glow, their predecessors in The Bachelorette success story department also have something to celebrate!

Yesterday, Trista and Ryan Sutter celebrated nine years of wedded bliss — well, “mostly” wedded bliss according to Trista. Let’s face it — if you’re going to make it that far, you gotta know it won’t all be wine and roses! Still, Trista and Ryan have a beautiful marriage and an even more beautiful family.

Retrospective time! Here’s a timeline of Trista and Ryan’s ten years together:


Trista’s journey on the road to married life begins more than ten years ago, when she appears on the first season of The Bachelor. She may not win the final rose, but it turns out for the best! America loves her so much, she is selected to be the first Bachelorette in 2003. There, she finds true love with her hunka-hunka-burnin’ love, firefighter Ryan Sutter.

December 6, 2003

Trista and Ryan have a fairytale wedding! ABC later airs a three-episode television special depicting their romance, wedding preparation, and of course the big day itself. Trista & Ryan’s Wedding garners some of the highest ratings in reality TV history.

We’re sure there were plenty of cynics who said it wouldn’t last, but here we are, nine years later!


Trista announces in February that she is pregnant with their first child.  Maxwell Alston is born four weeks premature in July of the same year. Despite pregnancy complications, Max has grown into a healthy and strong five year old who loves Angry Birds and Spider-Man.


Trista announces that she is pregnant a second time. In April of 2009, she gives birth to Blakesley Grace via cesarean section. Blakesley has grown into an enthusiastic dress-up artist who loves to be a princess! In other words, she’s your typical three year old.


Trista and Ryan live with their two kids in Vail, Colorado, where Ryan works as a firefighter and Trista is a stay-at-home mom. We’re sure it hasn’t always been easy, but they still seem very much in love. After watching Ashley and J.P.’s romantic walk down the aisle, Trista tweeted, “Such a great weekend. Just verifies that I love love, I love good friends, and I love my husband.”

Here’s hoping they’ll mark the big decade milestone in some special way next year. Do you hear us, ABC! Time to start planning Trista and Ryan’s Diamond Anniversary Special!

Source: Wikipedia