Credit: Photo via Trista Sutter's Twitter Photo: Trista Sutter Poses on Her Cruise

To each her own, but we were surprised to see Trista Sutter on the cover of In Touch Weekly, paired with the words “plans for a boob job and Botox.” The Season 1 Bachelorette looks gorgeous, as always, on the magazine cover along with fellow Bachelorettes Ali Fedotowsky and Ashley Hebert.

Ashley shared a shot of the magazine with her fellow Bachelorettes on Twitter and Trista immediately commented, “Omg. ‘Plans for boob job & botox’?! Not cool @intouchweekly.”

As she added in subsequent tweets, “Had a really fun day shooting with @intouchweekly & yes, I've considered a lift after nursing & botox after turning 39, but CONSIDERED! UGH! Let me be clear re @intouchweekly. I have/am considering breast work after nursing 2 4 a yr each & have thought about botox,but no ‘plans’. And...nothing wrong with them reporting that but as the only thing they put on the cover...making it seem that that's all I'm about. :(...”

Nah, we all know that’s not all she’s about — it was just a classic cover tease that did its job. It got attention and got us talking. And somehow it managed to get Ashley’s BFF, Ashley Spivey, charging in Trista’s defense, tweeting@tristasutter regardless, it's YOUR body and YOUR decision. People need to get off their high horses and stop the judgment!”

Whatever Trista decides, we’re behind her!

Source: Twitter

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