The hits just keep on coming for Ali. First it was Justin, then Frank, and now Ty? He's long gone, but the top-five finalist was yet another Bachelorette contestant who was only on the show for himself. At least that's what his friends think.

The aspiring musician from Nashville told his friends, "I'm not going for the girl. I'm doing it for my music career and other opportunities. I think this is the only opportunity for me to get my name out there." Well, sure. Ty's single is now available on iTunes. Though it's not really his bag. "He went into it knowing he'd write a song for Ali, but he's not a songwriter," said's source.

His friends also aren't very happy with his behavior. "He's got the good southern gentleman reputation, but that's not who he is now. Hollywood has changed him." They're even calling him "Celebri-TY." Oh, gag us.