Today is a day devoted to love — and we totally love everyone in Bachelor Nation, even when we don't like all of their actions. (Someone hug Ben Flajnik today, he'll need it.)

Over the years we've fallen in reality TV love with all kinds of bachelors and bachelorettes and today we're asking for your #1 crush. Maybe it's an affectionate platonic crush (Erica Rose, you remain our #1 girl crush) — and maybe it's not (Roberto Martinez, we're waiting to give you your own ring tone).

Credit: Callaway Gable Photography via Green Wedding Shoes Photo: Stephen Stagliano and Deanna Pappas Share a Sweet Moment

Your #1 may not be on this list, but we're including all of the official Bachelors and Bachelorettes, plus some of the favorites of past seasons. If you want to give a shout-out to someone else, go for it in the comments or on Twitter. Today is the day your "I love you such-and-such!!" tweet won't really be that stalkerish. It will just be sweet.

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