Credit: Hellmuth Dominguez/ Photo: Vienna Girardi at Beacher's Madhouse in Hollywood on July 13, 2011

Try not to stagger back from shock, but folks are accusing Bachelor diva Vienna Girardi of being dramatic. For real!

In what actually sounds like a free plug for the show, TMZ is reporting that Vienna ripped off her mic and stormed off the set of Relationship Rehab, the new show she’s been shooting with her Bachelor Pad Season 2 ex, Kasey Kahl. (Previous reports had the VH1 show called Couples Therapy, so it’s not clear which title is final.)

To quote TMZ’s report:

“Vienna and boyfriend Kasey Kahl were hammering out their issues on the show — but during a routine sit-down, sources close to production tell us, producers blindsided her ... bringing out Vienna's previous ex ... Lee Smith. In case you don't remember — Lee is the guy Vienna was allegedly sending flirty emails to while she was still engaged to ‘Bachelor’ winner Jake Pavelka. According to sources, Vienna had an emotional breakdown and walked off the show — screaming at producers that she ‘hates’ them. She hasn't been back since and the show has finished shooting.”

It’s not like it would be unheard-of for Vienna to storm off a set while talking about a past relationship. Remember her trainwreck TV special with Jake? She stormed off in tears, calling Jake the meanest person she’s ever met in her life.

However, Vienna retweeted a headline about the new story: “Too funny. Watch and see what really happens. RT @My_Bachelorette: NEWS: @ViennaGirardi storms of ‘Relationship Rehab.’" 

Then she added: "To correct all rumors about the show: I didn't storm off the set, I didn't yell at producers & I knew my ex was coming (I called him)."

Whatever really happened, it sounds like another classic Vienna dramafest is headed our way. Will you be tuning in?

Sources: TMZ, Twitter


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