Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Emily Maynard or Vienna Girardi as the Next Bachelorette?

Brad Womack's redux season of The Bachelor has just begun, and there's already wild speculation that Emily Maynard will be ABC's next Bachelorette. (Jason Mesnick is willing to bet $100 on it.) 

Of course, this is presuming Brad does not choose Emily in the finale. Or if he does, that they break up right after the season ends — like many past Bachelor couples. 

Speaking of that kind of couple, another (crazy?) name in the mix for Season 7 casting is Bachelor Jake Pavelka's beloved ex, Vienna Girardi. "If they talk to me, maybe we'll talk," Vienna told of her interest in becoming the next Bachelorette. "I really, truly did want to find love and get married, and I still want that." 

But Vienna said she would not be interested in going on Bachelor Pad Season 2, as she wants a serious relationship. (But doesn't she need the money Bachelor Pad can give? Not everyone goes on the show to make out; just ask Gwen Gioia!)

Source: Inside Pulse