There's something about The Bachelor that prompts major makeovers. Maybe it's seeing your every flaw in high-def over the course of up to 11 Mondays. Or maybe you cried or whined or drank too much, and now you want nothing to do with the crazy person that embarrassed you on national television.

Credit: Wetpaint Photo: Who Had the Best Post-Bachelor Makeover?
Either way, the makeovers are almost always for the best. Even our Season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert looks better with her longer, darker hair — right now it's not as blonde as it was during The Bachelor Season 15, but it's also not quite as dark as it was on "The Women Tell All."
Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Ashley Hebert's Post-Bachelor Makeover

Then there’s Elizabeth Kitt, who had dark hair that set off her blue eyes on The Bachelor Season 14, before going way too blonde on Bachelor Pad. She looks much better now that she’s back to brunette post-BP.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Elizabeth Kitt's Post-Bachelor Makeover

Speaking of Bachelor Pad, have you seen Gwen Gioia's new hair? She had very blonde hair on BP, and now she has long, gorgeous light brown hair. She should do BP all over again as this new girl.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney; © 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Photo: Gwen Gioia's Post-Bachelor Makeover

Remember Holly Durst? She had short blonde hair on The Bachelor: London Calling. Now she has longer, very dark brown hair.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney; via Photo: Holly Durst's Post-Bachelor Makeover

And don't forget the original Bachelorette. When we first met Trista Rehn on The Bachelorette Season 1, she was a tiny blonde. Then she became Trista Sutter and turned into a tiny brunette. Now her hair is somewhere in between.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney; Albert Michael/Startraksphoto Photo: Trista Rehn Sutter's Post-Bachelor Makeover

Last but not least, Vienna Girardi's post-Jake Pavelka split bob. Definitely an upgrade. 

Credit: Norman Scott/Startraks; Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Vienna Girardi's Post-Bachelor Makeover

Of course there're also Emily Maynard's darker blonde look and Ali Fedotowsky's post-Bachelorette weight loss and various new hairstyles to consider. And those are just a few of our favorite makeovers. Which was the best?