Credit: Instagram Photo: Michelle Money on Instagram

Michelle Money has been a single mom, an actress, a stylist, a Bachelor villain, and a Bachelor Pad heroine. But has she been a wife? 

Yes, in fact, she has! Michelle Money was born Michelle Cartwright. She is no longer with her ex, Ryan Money, but never changed her name back after the ink on their divorce was dry. You could say she married him for the “Money.” We’re just kidding, don’t say that! It’s mean.

Michelle and Ryan had one child together, a seven-year-old daughter. As for the reason for their split, we don’t have all the facts, but there were reports that infidelity on Michelle’s part signaled the beginning of the end. If those reports are true, that’s a shame, but Michelle is a woman who prides herself on learning from her mistakes!

She remains single and dating. She has been linked romantically in the past with fellow Bachelor Pad star Graham Bunn, but they are currently not seeing each other. However, Graham still cites Michelle as one of his closest friends and says they’ll always have an “intimate relationship” with each other.

Source: ABC4 News

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