Credit: via Justin Rego's Twitter Photo: Justin Rego and Gia Allemand: Just Friends?

CosmoTV recently shot a long video interview with Bachelor and Bachelor Pad hotties Gia Allemand and Jessie Sulidis.

In the vid, the interviewer describes Bachelorette bad boy Justin "Rated-R" Rego as "insanely hot.” He was with a group of Bachelor alumni on Valentine’s Day and tweeted a photo with Gia. He’s also tweeted hints that he would like to be more than friends, but Gia says they are just that — friends.

Gia and Jessie both talk about Vienna Girardi, and Gia briefly discusses their Twitter feud over Wetpaint’s Bachelorette poll. Gia also swears she did not sleep with “A.C. Slater,” aka Mario Lopez, as Vienna alleged. Gia and Jessie both know Mario from a pageant they worked and he hosted. (That sounds like American Spirit Pageants.) Gia said she actually doesn’t want to be the next Bachelorette, which is a good thing because *spoiler alert!* she's not.

Asked which celebrities they would like to date, Jessie says Gerard Butler and Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley; Gia picks Vince Vaughn.

Watch the video for much more:

Credit: CosmoTV Photo: Gia Allemand and Jessie Sulidis Name Celebrity Crushes for CosmoTV


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